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Home Buying Master Course Material

The course is designed to explain the entire home buying process in detail with entertaining and informative video tutorials to educate and empower homebuyers.

How To Begin

(51 minutes)

It's important to figure out if now is the right time to buy.  In this module of 4 lessons you'll learn about:

- Setting Expectations Rent vs. Buy
- Needs vs. Wants Analysis
- Homebuying Roadmap (The process steps)
- Who's Who (Everyone involved)

Assess Your Financials

(1 hour & 15 minutes)

After initially going through a few exercises, now is the time to assess your finances. The 4 lessons will go into detail about your:

- Financial Fitness (Basics Lenders look at)
- Credit Requirements
- Affordability Calculator
- Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Find Home Financing

(1 hour & 38 minutes)

In this module, you'll understand home financing and most importantly, how to protect yourself in 6 explicit lessons explaining:

- Mortgage History & Regulations (Why & How you're protected)
- Loan Option Benefits & Features
- Different Mortgage Programs
- Liquidity & Closing Cost Credits (What this is and how to get costs paid for)
- Finding & Interviewing Lenders
- Getting Pre-Approved
- Financial Do's & Don'ts

Find A Home

(1 hour & 28 minutes)

Now that you know what you can afford, it's house hunting time! This 6 lesson module will go over how to:

- Find & Interview Real Estate Agents
- How To Select A Location & Home
- Differentiate Wants vs. Needs (Managing Expectations)
- Styles Of Homes
- Find An Attorney

PLUS Bonus Realtor Advice & Stories!

Make An Offer

(1 hour & 17 minutes)

This is where negotiations start and several things go on at the same time. In this 6 lesson module, you'll learn about:

- Insurance Quotes
- Updating Your Pre-Approval
- Placing An Offer, Negotiating & Sales Contract
- Escrow (Different definitions & purposes)
- Attorny Review
- Shopping & Selecting A Lender
- Rate Negotiation
- Understanding Loan Estimates
- Closing Costs

Get To The Closing Table

(1 hour & 17 minutes)

This 7 lesson module focuses on the home stretch and explains what needs to happen to get you to closing, such as:

- Submit Loan & Lock Rate
- Inspection & Inspectors
- Appraisal & Appraisers
- Clearing Conditions
- Homeowners Insurance Quotes
- Commitment Letter
- Title & Final Run Down
- Clear To Close & Disclosures
- Final Walk-Through & Closing

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The True Value Of Our Course

Not only will you receive a Total Value Of $4,067 in our course, tools, resources and much more detailed below, but you could potentially save an average of over $35K after applying these techniques.


$400 Value

- 8 Hours Of In-Depth Content
- 6 Organized Modules
- An Outlined Step-By-Step Process
- Access For Life
- Go At Your Own Pace

$125 Value

- Worksheets
- Timelines
- Sample Contracts
- And More Downloadable Extras


- Connect With Unest Sutdents
- Ask Questions
- Share Stories
- Offer Advice
- Support Each Other

$1,497 Value

- Home Price Offer Strategies
- Lower Your Interest Rate By Up To 1/4%
- Closing Cost Credits Averaging $10K
- Save On Industry Pro Fees

$350 Value

- Discover How Much Home You Can Afford
- Run Numbers On Your Scenario With Confidence
- Decipher Between How Much You Should Buy, Not Just Can Buy

$165 Value

- Compare Monthly Costs Of Renting vs. Buying
- Understand Long Term Costs & Savings
- Determine Which Makes More Sense & For How Long


- Government Sites
- Loan Program Resources
- Average Market Interest Rates
- Insurance Tools
- Credit Hook-Ups
- Plus More!

$45 Value

- True Stories Of Real Life Gone Wrong Scenarios Like Faulty Contracts To Strange Closings
- Examples Of Successful Experiences And Ah-Ha Moments

$995 Value

- Learn How Lenders, Realtors & Others Truly Operate
- Gain Insider Tips & Tricks On Working With Them Effectively
- Understand The Inner Workings Of Each Field

$195 Value

- Receive Custom Designed Blueprints To Vet Your Experts
- Determine Which Pros Have Your Best Interests In Mind
- Quickly Spot Inefficient & Unethical Practices

$295 Value

- Gain Insight From Some Of The Nation's Top Experts
- Learn What To Watch Out For
- Sample Topics Include: The Value Of Pre-Approvals, Shopping For A Home, Picking Locations & Much More

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100% yes! We reveal the truth about the industry - the good and the bad. We'll show you who to trust and how to figure out if they're trustworthy.

We give you interview scripts, teach you how to negotiate (purchase price, interest rates, closing costs, commissions, and more).

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Without a doubt. Unest is designed so you can grab what you need, when you need it, and use it immediately.

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We are a collection of ethical professionals, ranging from educators, realtors, home loan advisors, real estate investors, real estate attorneys, insurance agents, credit specialists, inspectors, appraisers, homeowners and everyday professionals. Our team has over a hundred years of combined industry experience.

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