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Designed To Educate, Protect & Empower A New Generation Of Homebuyers


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Top 3 Benefits Of The Course

Unest is committed to helping you achieve affordable and joyous home ownership by offering a course that keeps what matters to you the most a top priority

Save Time

Unest helps 1st time homebuyers navigate the system saving countless hours searching for piecemeal information, hiring the wrong pros, and not being properly prepared.

Save Money

Unest is an online home buying course created by a coalition of ethical insiders who reveal industry secrets on how to buy like a pro. We'll teach you how to negotiate interest rates, closing costs, credits and more.  

Be Empowered

Armed with information, you'll be able to expertly navigate the endless sea of homebuying options and choose the ones that best work for you and your ever-expanding lifestyle.   

Our Home Buying Master Course Material

Unest is committed to cultivating, protecting and empowering a new generation of homebuyers through education by revealing the truth. See how our course will empower a new generation of homeowners who own to live instead of live to own.

How It All Works

Step 1.  Watch Video Lessons

Get started by picking a plan to access our lively, comprehensive videos that simplify the learning process and clarify the entire home buying timeline. Learn at your own pace when you want and where you want. Lessons are organized in one easy to use portal that tracks your progress.

Step 2.  Utilize Our Tools & Resources

We have a bunch of worksheets, interview guides, cheat sheets, checklists, tutorials, and curated resources specifically designed to help make learning easier and more actionable.

Step 3.  Have Fun Learning

Our team designed lessons to be both informative and fun! We want you to enjoy the process instead of being overwhelmed and confused. We also have a private Members Only area to share stories - the good & bad - and support each other in the home buying journey.

Who Is Unest Perfect For?

Whether you’re at the beginning stage of considering to buy or about to sign a contract on a home, this course will help you:
  • Master Every Step In The Home Buying Process
  • Know Exactly How Much Cash You'll Need Upfront (Think Down Payment + Closing Costs)
  • Build, Fix and Polish Your Credit
  • Identify What Pros You Need, Where To Find Them, & How to Interview Them
  • Clarify Which Mortgage Options, Features & Benefits to Look For
  • Simplify Key Home Search Elements
  • Negotiate Like a Pro During the Offer Process
  • Distinguish Who To Trust & Where To Get Thorough Unbiased Advice
  • Maximize Time Saved by Making The Process More Efficient
  • Save Thousands of Dollars in Fees, Interest Rates, & Closing Credits
  • Plus Much, Much More!


All this valuable information available at your fingertips where ever and whenever you need it!

Join A New Generation of Homeowners

Start Owning To Live Instead Of Living To Own

"I'm a natural skeptic so I didn't think I'd learn anything new from Unest other than what I researched online. But after hearing from family, friends and coworkers about what they wished they learned before buying a home, I figured let me give it a try. After watching some video lessons, I was really surprised with the quality of info that they gave right out the gate (which btw, I didn't find anywhere else online). No fluff -- real, useful and what I found out from later lessons was actually unbiased info. I learned how to save money, what steps I should take during the process, how to make sure no one rips me off, true affordability and a lot more. The course is well worth your time and money. I highly recommend it."

Sam I.
Field Ops Coordinator

"As a mortgage loan originator and home loan advisor, I understand the value of educating First Time Home Buyers. Many loan officers struggle to convey the complete home buying process to their clients in a uniform, simple and easy to comprehend manner, especially with all the nuances and uniqueness of each home buyer’s scenario. Sometimes, minor (or major) details may get overlooked if they do not come up in the buyer’s initial consultation. Unest not only ensures that home buyers are getting all of the very important information they need, but does it in a way that is easy to comprehend. Knowledge is power and a tool like Unest empowers people to make the right decision, not only with purchasing their home but with who they use to represent them in the transaction. I advise all of my clients to take the Unest course because they learn on their own time and at their own pace. Then I can supplement the learning with the expertise they seek. Unest saves them time, stress and money by preparing them for the home buying process."

Daniel V.
Home Loan Advisor

"As a Credit Coach with over 15 years experience helping folks repair and rebuild their credit - including those looking to buy a home - I can tell you that the Unest course is by far the most comprehensive tool I've come across. It primes buyers for a smooth and successful home buying experience. I wish I had Unest when I tried to buy my first home! It is thorough and conversational -- very easy to understand and practical information! Frankly, it should be a pre-requisite for anyone considering buying."

Jeanne K.
Credit Coach

"As a Real Estate Expert with over 1,000 transactions in our portfolio we can sincerely tell you that the benefits of this program are simply priceless. This industry has been begging for a program like this and as a consumer YOU will now be armed and ready to buy your first home without blinders! I would say to any First Time Buyer that this program should not be optional...this is a MUST! "

Ron A.
Real Estate Agent

"In over a decade in the Home Lending industry, I’ve helped tens of thousand of buyers. I can tell you the biggest challenge they have is understanding and digesting all of the information and options thrown at them in a really short deadline of 45-90 days! That’s why I’m a HUGE advocate of Unest. It explains the nuances of the mortgage process in detail, but also in simple terms and in a very streamlined way that categorizes everything. I also think it’s crucial that buyers know how the industry works and what laws and regulations the players are to abide by so consumers know their rights. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve helped clients get out of a bad mess with unethical businesses. This industry has a lot of sharks. Unest is a lighthouse and a lifeboat."

Nick M.
Executive VP

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